A country affair in Sydney

A country affair in Sydney

My darling little cousin Ariel got married at a gorgeous old farm in Bella Vista just outside of Sydney. She asked me to be her florist so I put on my brave face and took my flower list to The Sydney Flower Market. It was awesome! I can’t believe that I had never been before, all those years ago when I was a florist in Sydney…what had I been doing all that time? I guess I was a little shop-bound in those days. Or just scared. Scared of really early mornings.

A huge benefit of going home to do the flowers for a family wedding is having the best flower helper ever. Mum! She was awesome at letting me boss her around and be my slave for three days! As is always the case when you are a guest and a florist for a wedding, you run out of time to look after yourself and get ready. I gave mum an afternoon off to go nailpolish shopping for me so later I could quickly hide the mess that lives under my nails and pretend to be glamorous for the night.

The night before the wedding, I had mum, dad, my brother and boyfriend all helping me string the flower garlands that were to hang from the chandeliers. Dad won points for the most serious face of concentration and mum and my brother won the sturdiest garland award. Thanks to Julie for the pretty styling and of course to Rod for the typically amazing job. Go team!

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