A garden in waiting

A garden in waiting

My first bulb flowers have started to bloom! I’ve planted so many strange and wonderful flowers that I no longer remember what is growing where! It’s not until the flower raises her pretty little head to the winter sunshine that I remember with delight what was planted there all those many months ago. Spring time will reveal the rest of my gems. I’ve planted up a great deal of heirloom seeds,  flowers that I don’t even think I’ve ever seen in real life. Not in these colours anyhow. In the meantime I will enjoy the wonderful pink Camelia that is flourishing right outside of the P & S studio door.

Winter flowers are amazing, Tulips, Cyclamen, Andromeda, Erlicheer, Jonquils in all their varieties. I even spotted Daphne at the flower market this week. That has to be the best smell that a nose can ever smell!

I’ve planted three different varieties of Foxglove, all in incredible colours, Crimson black, Apricot with deep pink spots and a beautiful beige and brown looking variety. It was a real effort to keep the Blackbirds away from my raising seeds, however now I’ve taken to placing my birdcages over the top of the seedling trays until they are big enough to plant up. Superb! Lucky lucky Spring and Summer brides that may get the first taste of my garden delights.

And now I watch as my sweet pea climb the back fence, the jasmine vine starts budding, the Plum trees blossom up and the mysterious flowers in pots and beds all over my garden burst forth into life. The Wattle trees with their branches above the studio are full of fluffy yellow flower puffs. I can overlook the chilling temperatures at the Flower Market. I can overlook the fact that it’s at 4am!  Mostly my fingers are frozen, but winter time in Melbourne is not too bad.  Thanks Steph for the great photo’s. x


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