David Jones Flower Show 2011 Sydney

David Jones Flower Show 2011 Sydney

I was lucky enough to be one of the florists involved in the David Jones flower show in Sydney this year. A team of us worked closely with the Seed Flora designers George and Elizabeth to create a floral spectacle. It opened from  September 1-11 at the Elizabeth Street store. There were seventeen absolutely heavenly window displays and multiple arrangements of luscious plants and flower installations spread over the entire first floor. Here are just a few of my favourites! Enjoy x


  1. chiara

    Wow Petra, what a surprise! I didn’t know anything about your job. That is wonderful and I’m sure very rewarding! Flowers are themselves a joy for the eyes, if beautifully arranged they become a work of art!

  2. Marion McKillop

    Hello lovely Petra

    You are so clever and this website looks really beautiful. I wish you lots of luck and spendour.

    We’re all well here – Rachael is starting high school next year at Trinity in Lismore and Damo goes into year 5. She hasnt stopped growing since you left and he hasnt started!

    I hope you’re well.
    Love from us all and kisses
    Marion xo

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