deep in the dark woods

deep in the dark woods

I found Lilli kind of by accident as I was following the trails of links and credits on blogs and other social media platforms. There was something amazing about her photography that struck me as liberated, haunting and quite frankly genius. I knew that I wanted to work with her so I shot her an email and invited her over for tea. And this is what we made.

This stunning dress is a 1940s wedding dress from Dear Gladys. Alice looks perfect wearing it. Meters and meters of old fashioned lace! Botanical wings fashioned out of kiwi vine and satin ribbon.

So much thanks to The Lucy Chase Project for chasing our taxidermy props. It was sweet and strange to have those little guys around on the day. Thanks to Paul for the fake turf.

Alice and our other model Scarlet had their hair and make up done by the wonderful Poppy and Dana of Lady Day . It could not have been a more perfect day. We ate pastizzi’s, drank orange juice and made a complete mess all through my house. The taxidermy animals even slept over that night. xx

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