Eco Friendly Flowers

Eco Friendly Flowers


It’s not the most sustainable industry this floral one. The heavy use of pestisides on crops to the importing of flowers all over the world to the amount of flowers that get thrown in the bin after they’ve been used for an event. There are lots of plastics wrappings and packages, not to mention the non biodegradable materials that are synonymous with floristry. I’m typically in a quandry over it all because I LOVE being a florist. And it’s not the first time I’ve said any of this.

As much as possible I try to support the local growers, the more sustainable the better. There is a slow starting movement here for organic and pestiside free flowers and I  support it wholeheartedly. I’m growing as much as I can in my small garden in Brunswick East and I can happily say that we use plenty from the garden almost every week. Some of the flowers, foliages, herbs and succulents in the images below are from the Pomp and Splendour garden.

Yet there are amazing and dedicated people creating inspirational and beautiful work while trying to make a positive impact within the wedding industry. Thanks for having me as your florist in the latest issue of Eco brides Magazine. Too many beautiful images to choose from, these are just a few.

Beautifully shot by Emily Soto, styled by Penny Adams, Hair by Warwick Swaine, Make-Up, and gorgeous frocks. x

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