From the boss lady

From the boss lady

We’re still here. Three – almost four amazing and incredible years so far and with enough inspiration and energy for plenty more years to come. Thank you for giving our spirits room to create for you. It really is a privilege and a blessing to be able to do this.  Everyone who has ever bought a flower from us, commissioned us to flower up your event, whoever reads this blog , for those of you that have recommended us to friends and who support us on social media, all of you legends that have done work experience with us…all of you who support what we do and the journey that is Pomp and Splendour. You are all amazing.

I’ve stopped trying to drive the business in any particular direction, it doesn’t seem to work.  I watch and listen to what you all want and what makes us love our work and then help guide as things unfold in that direction. I’ve considered opening a shop, but I can’t see that I’d be able to devote loving time in it to make it what I’d like it to be. And I still shudder at the thought of wasting unsold flowers at the end of the week.  What would it be like to share the ‘boss lady’ role with someone else, a partnership situation? Would it work?  I imagine that sharing the responsibility and the work load, with those early morning market runs, the quoting, the invoicing, the bossing around-ing… would be amazing and it would free up more time for all of these other creative projects I’m dreaming of.  I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a minimum spend requirement on all event and wedding work but in the end I always feel sad at the thought of saying goodbye to beautiful intimate occasions like the one pictured. Back in March we poured much heart into dressing one long table at Gardens House in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. It was such a pleasure. In this case, the brides mother took strikings of every flower that she could to propagate in her own garden and the lovely bride emailed me a few weeks after her wedding to tell me she wants a career change and would like to become a florist. Tegan, if you are reading this, we will need another pair of hands in the spring…

It’s great to hear from all of the flower lovers who want to come and work with us. Working in the world of flowers really connects like minded botany and flower lovers, creative and passionate spirits. Being a florist is awesome and without a doubt really hard work. Those that flourish in this industry are not only creative and artistic, but are pragmatic, hard working and practical minded people, despite the whimsical appeal of working with beautiful flowers. You’ve got to love it and you’ve got to move fast, especially in events. No time for dreamers. Sorry!

The business is really picking up pace and we are growing wings. We’re outgrowing our studio space and each of us is working very hard to see the season through.  We are now a wonderful little team of ‘floral decorators’ as Constance Spry would say. I’ve been blessed with a really great team. Do you want to join us from Spring onwards? Can you drive a manual van? What other fabulous skills can you bring to our party?

All images by Blue Robin Photography


  1. Daniele

    That simple wedding event is stunning!!
    I’ve been dreaming for the last 5 months of changing careers too and getting in to floristry! Do you have any tips for someone that is trying to figure out her way in to the industry?

  2. Danielle

    This event is styled beautifully!!
    I’ve been dreaming of getting in to the floristry industry for the last 5 months or so. Do you have any tips for someone that’s looking to change careers and how to go about it (I’m also in Melbourne).

    1. Petra

      Thanks Danielle. You could always do some work experience with a florist and help out on some events to see if it’s for you. Following that, there are courses you can do for floristry or event styling/ management. xP

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