Flowers float amongst the clouds

Flowers float amongst the clouds

One fine winter Sunday Lilli and I got together in a photographic studio and created some beauty. We sourced some pretty interesting props for this one. Quite a few of the bizarre props didn’t end up making the cut, but thank fully my favourite  giant pastel painted duck-bird thing ended up in the shoot. We suspect it may have been an ostrich but what does it matter when you’re this high up in the clouds with flowers and gowns and wigs?  Fantasy becomes reality, everything is a beautiful sleepy dream. Ostriches become duck-birds. Flowers float amongst clouds.

A handful of beautiful paper daisy seeds from Sow n Sow and some truly incredible make-up by Laura. With thanks to Rose Chong for the wardrobe.

That beautiful green and gold vase was a wedding gift to my grandparents in the 40’s. It immigrated to Australia from Libya via Malta in 1955. I recently inherited it with broken handles. On closer inspection I could see that the handles have been repaired with super glue multiple times over the years by my grandfathers hands. Such a special item to own. xx


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