Jane Eyre wears Nevenka

Jane Eyre wears Nevenka

It feels a bit like the calm before the storm this week end. The whole of Melbourne STOPS for a football game.  Brides are very brave to schedule a wedding on this date less they lose their guests for three hours during the speeches to watch the match. For any of you non-football-excited types, I highly recommend taking this opportunity to do any of your needed shopping at Bunnings or Ikea. No other day in the year will you get a peaceful shop at either of these places on a Saturday! I did this last year (after setting up a small wedding!)JaneEyre_096

Spring does not herald to me a football match. For me it’s warm breezes or crazy blossom whipping winds spreading new seeds across the land. The back lane way to the studio has poppies and parsley growing out of all the cracks in the cement. It’s a time when everything seems possible. I keep my focus on the flowers, on the beauty wherever I can find it. I don’t want my heart to grow too heavy and sad with the troubles of the world. It’s not really the easiest thing at the moment for if I see the news, the world officially seems to have lost its marbles, lost it’s heart.




We are ready for you spring. And Summer. So many brides, so many parties, festivals…so many flowers for all of you. Our awesome little team of flower lovers are imploding with energy and spirit. We are ready to inject the world with a little more inspiration, kindness, beauty and love. GO! xxx


Beautiful images by It’s Beautiful Here

Models wear Nevenka 

Pomp and Splendour blooms

Hair and Make Up: Candice DeVille


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