Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones

Jasmine is bursting alive all over back fences, down laneways and up the sides of houses. I can’t get enough of it. Wedding season is now upon us and it’s back to multi-weekly 4am flower market visits. I can’t complain. I recharged my energy last week in Byron Bay, got some subtropical inspiration, some love from old friends and a hint of a tan. I am ready for it all.


My garden has started to come to life with the arrival of spring. And even though this happens year after year, I seem to forget about it and then get amazed anew by the majesty of it. I was regarding my seedlings with suspicion all winter as they appeared dormant, doing NOTHING! But now…WOWZERS! This weekends bride will be my first bride to enjoy some beauties from the Garden of Splendour.

The classes and workshops that we are running in the spring and summer are going to be so much fun. Thanks to everyone who has registered their interest, emails with the final details are on their way, was just held up searching for the perfect space to fit you all in! Looks like I may have just found it. First workshop happens on the  6th of October. Lot’s to learn and much much pleasure to be had. I can’t wait for the floral mess to unfold!

Come along to some future classes to learn a few tricks. I’ll be giving away some little floral secrets (not too many…) but enough to make you feel pretty awesome for the rest of the day! See you there x

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