Lemony whites and some sweet relief

Lemony whites and some sweet relief

There is a bit of a story with this wedding from back in October. We had a slow start to Melbourne spring this year with colder than normal temperatures for early October. This of course meant that there was a delay in some seasonal flowers, one of which being the David Austin rose. My bride for this wedding ONLY wanted this flower for her bouquet and earlier in the year my grower was almost certain that it would be possible. Alas…the bad news arrived from the rose farm just two weeks before the wedding that there were not going to be any roses worth cutting due to the continued cold weather and lack of sun.  I love my brides, I want them ALL to be happy and I knew I was in a bit of strife.

I spent days on the phone all over the country with growers, importers, wholesalers and florists trying to source something that could be sent to me ASAP! Sydney suppliers weren’t interested. Growers in Adelaide said “No” they weren’t picking due to cold, but I begged and they sent me some tiny headed roses. Not good enough. I tried Sydney again. None of the growers were able to freight anything at such short notice. I was sweating this one. I made a decision that I would jump on a plane, organise for a Sydney florist to collect several bunches from Sydney Flower Market, collect and return that same day. This is WEDNESDAY, wedding is on SATURDAY! Literally just as I was about to book my flight, one of the growers from Sydney called me back “Look, I’ve got an idea..” He sent me the roses via EXPRESS PRIORITY POST. They were packaged in a cooler box, heads all wrapped with tissue, stems all wet packed. There were freezer sachets in the box keeping the temperature down. I snipped off the stems, plunged them in ice water and popped them in the cool room for a few hours. They were the most perfect David Austin roses  had seen in a long time. I almost cried with relief!



This bride and groom apparently have an amazing lemon tree in their backyard. They are famous for it amongst their friends and family, so Limoncello was their wedding gift to guests. We used piles of whole and cut lemons to accompany the flowers on the tables at Cutler and Co.


  1. Madelyn

    I am getting married on 18 January 2013 and have also been looking for the David Austin flowers for my bouquet without the expensive prices I have been quoted and was wondering if you might be able to refer your contact to me?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Petra

      Hi Madelyn,
      If you are going to Sydney Flower Market, try Dumont Rose Gardens or B and B roses. All were great. They probably won’t send to you unless you organise however if you are not in Sydney or a florist! If you are in QLD, I may have a contact for you in Byron Bay 🙂

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