Flower Porn

Flower Porn

Seasons within seasons are a florists reality. Wedding season, the obvious 4 seasons and then the various flower seasons, some of which are only a few weeks long and other flowers have a season that lasts months. Spring ended without me even really noticing, Summer kicked in and continues until tomorrow only (sadly!). I want to say I’m exhausted, but I’m not. I’m totally inspired and creatively well fed and all these cycles and seasons move constantly and within one another. I am part of this whole. Every time I feel myself getting nervous and overcome with how fast and busy life has become, I just remember how bored I used to be, sitting on the beach doing very little in Byron Bay. Really. This is the truth. I know, right?






Visual eye candy shot beautifully by Lilli, of course. These are my all time favourite colours; Lilac and Raspberry, Fuschia, Crimson and Lavender. I love the light captured here in the late afternoon, high above the city at Luminaire in South Melbourne. Hundreds of candles in glass vases and masses of delicious decadent blooms. Flower porn.


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