At the end of Autumn this year I made a decision to focus more on my health. And for this to become a regular thing. The wedding season slows down considerably over winter and this was the time I had dedicated to create better eating and lifestyle habits. I got back into a regular yoga practise, chose riding my bike over driving the van wherever possible and kept an eye on my eating and drinking. In August I took a month off alcohol, coffee, sugar and processed foods and then booked in to do a cleansing health retreat in Ubud, Bali. It was one amazing week of juices and smoothies, massages and yoga and lots of peace and quiet time. I was feeling so amazing.


In the last few days of my time in Bali I got bitten by a mosquito. In fact I got bitten by many mosquitos during my holiday, but this one in particular was a game changer. I ended up getting Dengue fever, so a few days after I returned to Melbourne the fever, the headaches, the nausea etc had all started. And there were weddings to do. So I dragged myself to flower market, made up the flowers for our restaurant clients and worked late in the studio on weddings that I wondered if I even had the energy to set up. I didn’t know for a few days what was actually wrong with me, I thought I had contracted the dreaded Melbourne winter flu. Thank god for my awesome team during these weeks. I couldn’t have done it without them. No really, I couldn’t have.


Eventually my blood platelet count returned to normal, all of the nasty symptoms subsided and my energy levels started to increase. At first I was so annoyed and disappointed that I had gone away to do a HEALTH RETREAT and came home more sick than I had ever been before. Ever! It felt as if the virus had undone all of the good work and effort I had put into being healthy over the winter months.These last six weeks have really challenged my concepts of expectations and concepts on good health. I guess, if anything, getting sick has taught me to keep the healthy diet and the balanced approach to exercise, yoga and meditation/ relaxation. And to keep it going well into the future, well into the coming wedding season which has just landed, and beyond. Permanent health strategy set in place.


These stunning images shot by Lilli Waters of the radiantly healthy and beautiful Lola Berry, wearing the orange Ranunculus crown we made and a little anklet. xx


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