Marriage vs wedding

Marriage vs wedding

I fear the blog is once again getting a bit ‘wedding heavy’. I use the pretty pictures that I get from brides to accompany the new updates that I write here. Just in case anybody is reading! I think finally the wedding thing has rubbed off on me. I actually never thought it was for me. At all. Anyone who has known me for a long time practically jumped out of their skin when we told them the news. The reality for me is, I don’t care much for a wedding, I just want to marry my love. So yeah. I’m marrying Brent next June next year in Malta. I’m pretty sure there will be no white dress. I’m also pretty sure that there will be no fuss, but there will be plenty of feasting and sunshine. I will take my cues from this gorgeous pair of love birds and their non weddingy wedding at Vue De Monde earlier this month. I love them. They are so gorgeous. And I loved these flowers so so much.











I could keep adding more images as I really can not choose between one amazing shot and the next. Lilli also said she fell in love with Carol and James when she shot this wedding. Oh did I mention also that Lilli is getting married next year also? And I’m absolutely honoured to be her florist. LOVE IS THE SHIT! xx




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