October Greens

October Greens

Hello!! It’s been so long since I’ve written anything up here, more than a year!

2015/16 has been a very big, busy and exciting season for us Pomp florists. Thanks of course to everyone we have worked with, all of the brides and grooms, caterers, stylists, restaurants and companies that we love love, brands and businesses. I feel like we have broken through to a whole new level of creating and actualising concepts and designs. The things that I once drew inspiration from are no longer important, I’m noticing inspiration coming from broader arena’s, collaborative thinking, and not necessarily floristry world sources. It’s really been a progressive and positive year for us as a creative team, (despite juggling the creative and the running of the business :BIG challenge). My very kind and patient accountant has to spell out every new nuance of business 101 to me, and yet I still manage to miss GST payments, miscalculate or misplace something important.

However, Thanks for all of the opportunities to grow in so many new ways!

I’m getting married myself during the quieter winter months. I can well and truly empathise with the hectic amount of planning and preparation all of our couples go to on their wedding day. Despite starting out with a casual and low key focus, all of the details add up and your ‘To DO’ list seems to get longer and longer every day. Let’s just say it’s been rather humbling to be on this side of planning a wedding. I have learned more than I thought I would. And now I can’t wait to actually have the party!

Images below by Louisa Bailey of a beautiful October wedding at the Substation that we greened up alongside Stylist Amanda Vella of Red Tee Pot. I can’t get enough.

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