Beautiful fresh green Poppies with their alien faces ready to pop! This mustard jug was a birthday present from my little brother many years ago. It’s from Morocco and I love it so much. Especially with Poppies in it. Green, alien faced poppies covered with soft black Poppy down.

I cheated a little bit. I helped them to pop, but only some of them. I put them in the sunshine for a few hours an then I ever-so-gently split their outer pod with my fingers to reveal the fluffy crumpled flowers inside. I carefully removed the entire outer layer and let the sunshine coax the flower to open!

The history of this vulnerable little flower and it’s cousins is well worth a look. Amazing and very controversial alkaloids have sent the world crazy over the humble Poppy, wars have been fought, legislations have been laid down in the hope of controlling it’s use, medicines have been made, dreamers have dreamed, people have died, poets and writers have raved, artists have created…. and the list goes on. An interesting article here on Opium Poppies and their history. Thanks to the wonderful photographers for these images. x

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