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What happened to Summer Melbourne? This year we didn’t have quite as many of those stress out days where the temperature soared beyond 40 degrees. From my point of view, that is NOT a bad thing, considering the amount of energy I’m forced to use to keep those flower babies not only cool, but ALIVE! However, the weather was warm enough to give us our summer blooms. Proof! As Jana and James had a wedding in January and they sure as hell had a colourful party of warm weather only flowers!

All of these photo’s are taken by She Takes Pictures He Makes Films. Anything that I share on the blog or any of Pomp and Splendour’s social media pages is always our floral work. All photographers are credited if it’s not an iphone pic. A few weeks back I was quite wrongly (and quite rudely) accused of plagarism by posting an image on instagram that was not our work, when of course it was. When I followed it up with the florist who accused, a long winded discussion ensued about Instagram, social media and how rife image theft is becoming, and greatly so in our industry. It also occurred to me that everyone seems to have their own set of values and etiquettes when it comes to the internet. One person feels like they are being ‘trolled’ when the other feels it is within their right to ‘speak their truth’ via the public forum.

Just over a year ago, we made some beautiful bouquets for a bride and her bridal party. The bride to be designed the table flowers and all the other floral details of her own wedding, matching the flower variety and colour brief we had provided. In her attempt to launch herself as a floral and wedding designer, she submitted her wedding photo’s to a bridal magazine who published it. She took all credit for the flowers on the day, there was no mention of Pomp and Splendour making the bouquets and she even discussed the bouquets in the interview, insinuating that she had made them herself. Integrity fail!

It seems to be prevalent and quite a common occurrence. I’ve heard florists complain that even the bridal magazine/ blogs have not credited their work as they don’t pay for advertising with their publication.  Social media and industry blogs have the potential to be so positive and unifying. Overall I’ve had great experiences using Instagram and social media, for network building and simply just being able to share industry related experiences. What are other peoples experiences? Yes there are social media fraudsters with false persona’s, hiding behind a veil of pretense, broadcasting a less than truthful image of themselves or their work. There are bloggers, businesses and instagram accounts where people are simply reposting images from pinterest or other accounts, often uncredited, vague and misleadingly appearing as if it is their own work.

We are florists and our social media pages reflect our work, we are not an ‘inspiration page’, although you are welcome to take inspiration from us. But please credit accordingly. And be kind. Always.

All images : She takes pictures He makes films

Styling: Make Your Day Wedding Styling

Flowers: Pomp and Splendour


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