Some time to be

Some time to be

July was incredible. A month away from the studio had the most amazing effect on my spirit. It’s not as though I didn’t think about flowers. I thought about them every day. I looked for them in Paris, in the Loire Valley, Rome and Malta. I must admit they were harder to find in Malta, it was much easier to just relax by the sea.

The Megalithic ruins in Malta really blew my mind. These structures are older than the Pyramids of Giza and date back  more than 7000 years and some of which are still incredibly detailed in design. Huge goddess statues have been found and excavated and are now in the museums of Valetta and Victoria on the islands of Malta and Gozo.


Coming back to Melbourne in time for spring has it’s rewards of course. It’s been a nice and gentle ease back in to life and work. We caught the last of the Wattle in August and then all of the blossom and Magnolia started. Our garden is in full song at the moment with everything I planted in Autumn rearing it’s head and a great deal of things I didn’t plant coming up also.  We started with a few weddings in Winter and early spring and now they are in full swing. We renovated a new studio space and a few great florists have joined the Pomp and Splendour team. T’is the season for lovers and I’m so inspired and bursting with ideas for all the wonderful projects ahead. Thank you to the universe for giving me a break to recharge. I am so very grateful. x

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