Spring reverie

Spring reverie

Today is a very autumnal Melbourne day. The weather which was rather warm earlier has just turned and the clouds have become grey and heavy. A good time to get some quoting done. I’ve cleaned up my desk top, both the actual one and the virtual one and in the midst of various folders I came across a wealth of pretty images from a photo shoot collaboration back in October. I remember it being an equally capricious day of sunshine, rain, cold and wind. I had almost totally forgotten about this day.

I had lots of sweet pea and roses in the garden and I happened to have a fridge full of left over flowers from weddings that week when Laura called me to see if I wanted to play flowers in a photo shoot. I was tired from the onslaught of wedding season, but when she told me we were shooting at Abbotsford Convent I knew it would be beautiful and worth the effort.

Some of these images have not been photo shopped. Who has that time? I’m making the most of a public holiday afternoon to catch up on things. Officey things. Things that I put off. Later I will reward myself with planting the rest of my bulb flowers. It’s a full moon tonight. Perfect timing for bulb planting.

We are doing a pretty wedding in the Yarra Valley this week end. My family are visiting from Sydney so I’m taking them with me. We’ve hired a house and will likely drink too much wine. This has been known to happen every now and again. Of course I will set up the wedding first. Phew! Glad I made THAT clear.

I think maybe I should go to the studio to see how those roses are opening up for Saturday. I’m busting to make those bouquets already. PATIENCE. There is still so much that needs to be done before I can do the favourite things. And the bouquets are best made very early in the morning the day of the wedding.


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