Winter light in the city

Winter light in the city

If you want to get married, you should do it in winter. I know it’s cold. But the light is so beautiful. And the less typical winter flowers are heavenly in their moody earthiness and forest floor dampness with little burst of richness.

Zoë and Jai celebrated a beautiful Jewish wedding ceremony at Trunk in the city, which is a gorgeous old Synagogue and Jewish school which has since been turned into a restaurant. The dusk ceremony took place under a hand held chuppah made from silver birch logs and beautiful linen that the couple had bought in Paris. We decked the whole venue in ferns and winter blooms, blossom, Magnolia, Birch, lichen covered branches, Tulips, Hellebores and winter blooms with masses of Jasmine vine and all manner of wild things that creep around in the winter time.






Winter is over in two days.  I actually thought I had another week of winter, Spring is quite literally sneaking up on me. Every year when September comes around it marks another year of Pomp and Splendour being in existence. We will be four this spring and we are planning on celebrating! Right now I am enjoying the last slow week end of Winter before the whirlwind of the event season sweeps us up in it’s bustle of activity. I’m running a bath as I finish typing this.

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