Winter Wind Down

Winter Wind Down

It’s so beautifully cold now. The studio is freezing and especially so at 5am on the return trip from the flower market. The roses have now finished but it doesn’t matter, the market is flooded with a new range of blooms from violets to jonquils to tulips to poppies and all manner of wintery bulb flowers. It really is a treat.

We had our last wedding of the season last week end. It was a beautiful wedding filled with wintery blooms and lots of candle light. For us this means that it’s time to just enjoy doing the flowers for our wonderful restaurant clients, catch up on quoting, re-quoting, redesigning and meeting up with brides for the Spring and Summer months ahead and beyond. I’m closing the studio for the month of July and taking a well deserved holiday. It will be an ancestral homecoming of sorts as I am heading to Malta, my grand fathers birth place. Summer in the Mediterranean. It’s long over due.

The Pomp and Splendour Spring and Summer calendar is really filling up fast. We actually need an extra pair of hands from September onwards so talented florists please drop me an email!  It’s a pretty fun place to work 😉 And we have some really cool jobs coming up.

Come and say hello before we close for the month. We will have another Pop Up Shop on Saturday 22nd June. Amelia’s shop in Sparta Place, 459 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. It’s always lovely. Here are some images Lilli took of our Herb Pop Up Shop back in April. We were lucky enough to have this series featured on the gorgeous blog The Lane. Enjoy! xxx


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